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OMSA and iSM together?

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OMSA and iSM together?

  • Dear All,

    Our company recently shift to have Dell's server as our default one. I am figuring out the necessary tools to be installed on.

    May I know if iSM and OMSA can be installed together?

    How about it is an ESXi host?

    If it is not recommended, then it is not compatible or simply just not recommended?

    Thanks for checking.



  • Hi Joe,

    Thank you for choosing DellEMC.

    Yes, iSM and OMSA can be installed together on Microsoft Windows, Linux and ESXi operating systems.

    You may refer to the iSM user guide for a complete list of supported OSs: 

    To call out explicitly, iSM will detect OMSA presence dynamically and turn off the below mentioned two features that are actually common between iSM and OMSA. So also, if OMSA is uninstalled or the OMSA services are not running; then iSM detects and enables the below two features.  

    1. AutoSystemRecovery or Watchdog

    2. LifecycleLog Replication into the OS logs

    OMSA 9.0.1 and iSM 3.0.1 are the latest versions currently available. Please revert should you have any queries. 


    Bharath Koushik

  • Hi Bharath,

    Thanks for clarifying and the link.


    Co-existence of Server Administrator and iDRAC Service Module
    In a system, both Server Administrator and the iDRAC Service Module can co-exist. If you enable the monitoring features during the iDRAC Service Module installation, after the installation is complete, if the iDRAC Service Module detects the presence of Server Administrator, iDRAC Service Module disables the set of monitoring features that overlap. The iDRAC Service Module keeps polling Server Administrator and its features. At any time if the Server Administrator service stops, the respective iDRAC Service Module feature is enabled.


    Yes, it can coexist.