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OS installation from iDRAC

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OS installation from iDRAC

  • Hi, 

    I have two remote servers. One server is that will be re installed using iDRAC. Another server has shared folder with OS image. The problem is that don't have rights to access remote server witch has share folder, only access to folder is available.

    Since connection to remote servers is very slow, will I benefit from storing image on remote server's shared folder. It will be needed to download OS content to get it installed to another server if I will do installation from my local computer?


  • natip,

           Which server are you using? Is it iDRAC6 or iDRAC7.

               One of the options you can explore when OS images are available on shared folder is Remote File Share(RFS) Feature from iDRAC. You need to have Enterprise license on iDRAC to use this feature.

    You can get more details on RFS in below link


    Refer section "Remote File Share" on the document



  • Natip,

    For better understanding.. which OS you are trying to install? on which controller?



  • Hi,

    I will install Windows 2012 on remote server in US. Remote file server that holds ISO image is also in US. So as connection is very limited how could I solve this by installing OS from my computer's iDRAC console. I don't have permission to logon to file server and run iDRAC console on it.

    We use Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 - Enterprise. Could not open Remote File Share(RFS) link.


    could you please paste full path to the file?

    And how to that FRS and howwe will benefit from it? I always use Virtual Media to attach the iso, but since ISO is on remote US server it will be problem for installing remote US computer form my workstations iDRAC console


  • Find the complete link below


    Remote File Share feature will enable you to mount image from share to server. This feature is similar to vMedia instead of having the image on local drive it can be placed on share. iDRAC Support both CIFS and NFS share. In your case you can mount the image on the share using Remote File Share feature and install OS using iDRAC Console.

    This feature can be accessed through iDRAC GUI (System -> Remote File Share). Refer help page for details. You can do the same through racadm command as well. "racadm remoteimage" command can be used for the same. For help run the command "racadm help remoteimage"



  • The user guide say:

    To enable remote file sharing through the iDRAC6 Web interface, do the


    1 Open a supported Web browser window.

    2 Log in to iDRAC6 Web interface.

    3 Select the System-->Remote File Share tab.

    The Remote File Share screen is displayed.

    But I can not find System-->Remote File Share even we use:

    Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 - Enterprise

  • Can you let me know, Which server you have and What is your iDRAC Firmware Version. Remote File Share feature is introduced from iDRAC firmware version 1.50.50 onwards



  • it is T710 and firmware is 1.11.

    I am ready to update firmware now to 1.95 with SUU, but I can not restart server. Will I be required to restart server after only iDRAC firmware upgrade?


  • will IP address will be reset after iDRAC firmware upgrade?

  • Hello natip,

    Your IP address should remain the same. Also, a reboot is required after iDRAC update.  For latest Firmware versions and other information, please see: www.delltechcenter.com/idrac or www.delltechcenter.com/LC


  • If I upgrade firmware through iDARC web access still I have to reboot my server?

  • Hi Steven,

    he say it does not require restart of server just restart of DRAC card


    he also does not say about server restart:


    so where is the true?


  • Updating iDRAC will not reboot server. Your iDRAC IP will also remain same after iDRAC FW Update. (If you are updating from iDRAC GUI, there will be an option to preserve and not to preserve setting).

    As you have very old iDRAC FW on your server I would recommend to a staged update to reach 1.95 (1.11 -> 1.30 -> 1.50 -> 1.80 -> 1.95)

    iDRAC6 1.30 FW - ftp.dell.com/esm/IDRAC6_FRMW_WIN_R251186.EXE

    iDRAC6 1.50 FW - ftp.dell.com/esm/IDRAC6_FRMW_WIN_R271693.EXE

    iDRAC6 1.80 FW - ftp.dell.com/esm/IDRAC6_FRMW_WIN_R313606.EXE

    iDRAC6 1.95 FW - www.dell.com/.../poweredge-t710