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Optiplex GX 790

  • Am unable to change the service tag number in the BIOS.  Red cd that comes with the unit has and asset207 utitlities on it, but you can only change the asset and owners tag.  Any ideas???

  • The service tag is set in the factory and cannot be modified by the customer.

  • Yes, on a new system.  A mother bd sent by Dell can only be set once, since we purchased X amount of spare GX790's as spares to support our customers, we need to be able to change the service tag number in order to use them as spares.  If we can't, then all of those mother bd will need to be replaced by Dell. Surely there's a way to change it.

  • If you have spare 790's then swapping out a whole system wouldn't require a service tag change.  If the mobo is bad, you should replace that with a replacement mobo that allows you to set the service tag.  If you must pull a mobo from a spare system, then you would have to contact technical support and have them assist you with changing the service tag.