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Management plug-in 1.5 corrupted

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Management plug-in 1.5 corrupted

  • I have downloaded the 1.5 plug-in 3 times. Each time the zip is invalid or corrupted.

  • The size of the new appliance is causing issues for some customers. Once a full download occurs the final size is over 2GB.  We are working now on splitting the demo zip into three 700MB pieces to alleviate. I will report back to this post once that is done.

    I just found out it will take as long as a week to get the split bits posted. 

    As a temp solution grab the split up zip from this drop box. Please read the install.txt for directions on how to put the zip back together. The dropbox will remain active until 4/16/2012.
    Login Name: dmpvv1.5trial
    Password: fullk19y


  • The trial downoad link is now fixed.