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Linux Deployment Toolkit 3,5,4 - no support for UEFI?

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Linux Deployment Toolkit 3,5,4 - no support for UEFI?

  • First posting here and my data center has just drunk the Dell Kool-AidBig Smile

    Is there support for UEFI on DTK 3.5 and 4?

    The CD images and kernels don't seem to boot on UEFI.

    I would like to use DTK commonly across a batch of servers: first to convert all to UEFI.

    This I am able to do with DTK 3.5-in-BIOS-mode + syscfg --bootmode=uefi

    However once the servers are in UEFI mode, DTK doesn't work anymore - ISO doesn't boot and the kernel doesn't support EFI (some old Centos 5.x kernel).

    What do you folks do at the post-UEFI stage?

    Off-topic: with features like UEFI, USC/LifeCycle Controller 1.x/2.x is the Dell Utility Partition obsolete now? 

  • You are correct. As of today DTK Linux will not support UEFI mode.