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Different compatible models for OMCI for x86/x64?

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Different compatible models for OMCI for x86/x64?

  • It looks like the compatible models listed for the x86 and x64 versions of OMCI are quite a bit different according to these URLs:

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>


    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed / replaced from this post by Dell>

    I wanted to verify that there is indeed a difference in which models are compatible rather than it just being a documentation error.

    I see these models as compatible with x86 but not with x64:

    Latitude 110L
    Latitude 120L
    Latitude 131L
    Latitude 2100
    Latitude 2110
    Latitude 2120
    Latitude ATG D630
    Latitude D400
    Latitude D410
    Latitude D420
    Latitude D430
    Latitude D500
    Latitude D505
    Latitude D510
    Latitude D520
    Latitude D530
    Latitude D531
    Latitude D600
    Latitude D610
    Latitude D620
    Latitude D630c
    Latitude D631
    Latitude D800
    Latitude D810
    Latitude D820
    Latitude D830
    Latitude E5400
    Latitude E5500
    Latitude X1
    Latitude XFR D630
    Latitude XT
    OptiPlex 160
    OptiPlex 160L
    OptiPlex 170L
    OptiPlex 210L
    OptiPlex 360
    OptiPlex 740
    OptiPlex 760
    OptiPlex FX160
    OptiPlex GX270 / GX270N
    OptiPlex GX280
    OptiPlex GX520
    OptiPlex SX270 / SX270N
    OptiPlex SX280
    Precision 360 / 360N
    Precision 450
    Precision 650
    Precision M20
    Precision M50
    Precision M60
  • Hi Matt,

    The disparity between lists is NOT because OMCI is different between architectures, but most likely because the models that are only on the 32-bit list are only supported by Dell on that architecture.


  • Appreciate the quick response Warren!

    Ahh...Makes perfect since. I guess we don't have to worry about OMCI x64 if we won't be running a 64-bit OS on those models anyway. :)

    I was just trying to plan out my SCCM Collections for deployment and wondered if I needed separate "model" filter for the two versions or not. Doesn't sound like that will be an issue.

    We are only using x64 for Win7 and most of the incompatible models look old so they will most likely never get Win7x64 but some of them seem to be Win7 x64 capable (i.e. Latitude D830). So, can I assume that OMCI x64 will work fine on any model listed in either compatibility list as long as Win7 x64 can be installed on it?



  • It can't hurt to try since those older systems are out of support anyways!

  • Ahh.. tells you how old the systems are here then. :) Sounds like there aren't any technical reasons for the different "compatible" models then--just a difference in whether they are supported at all or for x64 by Dell. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. As you said, we can always give it a shot. I just didn't want to waste my time if there was a known technical reason for the differences.

    Thanks again Warren!