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Certificate issue

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Certificate issue

  • Hi Guys,

    When trying to run the script (a vbs one I am working on) I get the following error...

    Starting batch configuration of DRAC from file ipaddr.txt
    racadm -u root -p password -r config -f drac.cfg
    Security Alert: Certificate is invalid - Certificate is not signed by Trusted Third Party
    Enter "Y" to continue,or any other key to quit:

    I just have the default certificate installed.... do i need to push out a new certificate to resolve this?

  • What name is in the certificate for the DRAC ? On my CMC, our certificate has this information :

    subject= /C=US/L=Round Rock/O=Dell Inc./OU=OpenCMC Group/CN=cmcdefault4ctjzd1
    issuer= /C=US/L=Round Rock/O=Dell Inc./OU=OpenCMC Group/CN=cmcdefault4ctjzd1
    notBefore=Dec 17 21:23:52 2007 GMT
    notAfter=Dec 14 21:23:52 2017 GMT

    If I use the IP address when connecting, I get certificate errors, if I use the name (cmcdefault4ctjzd1), the web page comes right up with no errors.