I am setting up a KVM 2162DS. I want to replace the Web Certificate with one that has been given out by our Active Directory CA.

I have done this in the past with iDRAC cards, it's very easy. I create a request, copy the request text, submit it to our CA and then I have a certificate that I then import back into the iDRAC.

With the 2162DS I don't see how to do this the same way. I can generate a new certificate but am not presented with the request text that I can submit to our CA.

There is an option to Upload a New Certificate, so I went ahead and created a certificate with OpenSSL, submitted to our CA and then downloaded the certificate. When I try and upload the certificate I get the error "The uploaded file did not contain a valid private key".

The "Instructions" at the top of the screen say "Please select if you want to generate a new self-signed certificate, or upload a certificate. Uploaded certificates must be in OpenSSL PEM format with an unencrypted private key."

How do I do this? Where can I find the documentation that explains how to create a certificate in OpenSSL PEM format with an unencrypted private key?

Why can't it be easy like the iDRAC cards are???