This collection of papers constitutes a technical solutions guide that demonstrates virtualizing a Microsoft Server environment using Hyper-V and Dell PS Series (EqualLogic) storage products in a Small to Medium Business (SMB). This guide focuses on:

  • Understanding key technologies in Windows Server Hyper-V
  • Initial deployment of a Windows Server Core Hyper-V host
  • Deploying a dedicated Hyper-V management guest
  • Protecting the Hyper-V environment using Dell EqualLogic storage and tools

This guide will provide an understanding and the basis for a toolkit that can be used to implement and manage a Windows virtualization solution.

Hyper-V Technology Overview - Architecture and Networking Considerations for Small to Medium Businesses

This overview examines the various components that go into Hyper-V virtualization on a Dell EqualLogic storage platform. It discusses Windows Server Hyper-V architecture with a particular focus on Hyper-V networking technologies. It also examines the various storage interface options (iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and SAS) available to a Hyper-V host, and concludes by providing three example network design templates particularly tailored for an SMB.

Setup and Configuration of a Windows Server Core Hyper-V Host using PowerShell and Dell EqualLogic Storage and Tools

This configuration guide demonstrates how to architect and deploy a Windows Server Core Hyper-V host using PowerShell and Dell EqualLogic iSCSI PS Series storage. The examples show how to deploy Windows Server Core, install the Hyper-V roll, create and configure Hyper-V virtual switches and networking, connect to a Dell EqualLogic iSCSI SAN, and enable the host for remote PowerShell.

Deploying a Dedicated Hyper-V Management Guest using PowerShell and Dell EqualLogic Storage and Tools

This white paper describes how to deploy an initial virtual machine on a Windows Server Core Hyper-V host. Instructions are provided for automating the virtual machine creation; modifying virtual machine settings, and setting up the virtual machine network configuration using PowerShell scripting. The virtual machine is converted to a dedicated management guest that manages the Hyper-V environment and the Dell EqualLogic PS Series array.

Managing and Protecting a Windows Server Hyper-V Environment using Dell EqualLogic PS Series Storage and Tools

This paper focuses on using Dell EqualLogic PS Series storage and tools to help manage and protect a Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized environment. IT provides information for:

  • The Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools Microsoft Edition (HIT/Microsoft) components and capabilities
  • Protecting the Hyper-V environment using Auto-Snapshot Manager/Microsoft Edition ASM/ME and PowerShell scripting
  • Creating Hyper-V virtual machine templates using ASM/ME
  • Rapid Virtual Machine Deployment using HIT/Microsoft and PowerShell
  • Provisioning EqualLogic Storage using HIT/Microsoft integration with Microsoft Server Manager and PowerShell scripting
  • Guidelines for constructing standard operating procedures that manage and protect a Hyper-V environment