***This page is being deprecated.***

For the most up to date firmware, go to: support.dell.com.

1. Navigate to: Browse for a product  > View Products.

2. Click Servers, Storage, & Networking.

3. Under Select a product, click PowerVault.

4. Click the model number and select Drivers & downloads to find your firmware.


This page serves as a secondary tool to download the current major release (and one major release previous) of the RDVD and Controller Firmware for the Dell PowerVault MD Series of storage arrays.  Here you will also find Hard Drive Firmware and AppAware downloads.

This site is not meant to replace the main support site.  For other support related items, including user's guides and the support matrix, refer to support.dell.com.


NOTE: To download the file(s), right click and select "Save Target As..."





Controller Firmware and NVSRAM Firmware MD34/MD38



Controller Firmware and NVSRM Firmware MD32/MD36



Hard Drive Firmware






SMI-S Provider



 LSI SAS HBA 9300-8e Firmware and Drivers



Last Updated:  10/27/2015

  • Updated drivers for MD34xx/38xx
  • Updated drivers for MD32xx/36xx
  • Updated vCenter Client and added vCenter Web Client