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Rapid EqualLogic Configuration Portal


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Rapid EqualLogic Configuration Portal

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The Dell Rapid EqualLogic (PS Series) Configuration portal is a collection of documents intended to assist users in deploying Dell PS Series iSCSI SAN solutions. The following documents employ tested and proven, Dell best practices for PS Series SAN environments. Use the links in each appropriate section to obtain the latest host, switch, and array configuration guides that pertain to your system (latest revision dates shown in parentheses).

Full product documentation can be found at http://eqlsupport.dell.com
--Note: This site is for registered Dell PS Series customers and requires a login. If you do not already have a login, click Create Account on the site linked above.--

Configuration steps should be completed in order as numbered below:



IMPORTANT! Contact Dell support (EqualLogic support site) when:

  • Deployment is complete to finalize your remote deployment and configuration checklist, or
  • If there are any questions about your PS Series iSCSI SAN configuration.

The Storage and Infrastructure Solutions team would appreciate feedback pertaining to the documentation found here. Please email us at StorageSolutionsFeedback@dell.com

Additional Dell Storage documentation: 


    • Why do none of these switch configuration documents seem to move iSCSI traffic to a VLAN other than the default, when the Equallogic engineers always state to not leave iSCSI traffic in the default VLAN?

    • Do you have anything for the PS-M4110 blade array?

    • Is there a document like the below for VMware-vSphere-6?


    • @dyktiosysit - While this document is currently scheduled for updates, we do not anticipate any major changes. In the meantime if you have any specific concerns, email us StorageSolutionsFeedback@dell.com.