The Storage and Infrastructure Solutions Team is pleased to publish EqualLogic iSCSI Volume Connection Count Maximum Characterization.

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Because both Dell™ EqualLogic™ and OS-native MPIO modules facilitate multiple, simultaneous connections to iSCSI volumes, the total number of iSCSI connections can be surprisingly large, even with a relatively small number of storage hosts, PS Series member arrays, and storage volume targets. As this paper’s topic suggests, there is a limit to the number of iSCSI connections for both a storage group and a storage pool at which a Dell EqualLogic SAN configuration can operate. This paper will focus on the iSCSI connection maximum for a single pool. It will provide an overview of the factors involved in iSCSI connection creation, define the parameters of the iSCSI connection maximum, and examine whether the SAN performance and availability are affected as the maximum is approached.