The PowerVault MD3200i/MD3220i arrays are next-generation Ethernet-based array designed for exceptional performance and flexibility for storage consolidation, with system scalability for unexpected business demands, optional data protection features for added security and optional turbo mode for enhanced performance.

  • Implement your SAN on cost-effective 1Gb Ethernet networks
  • Single and dual controller models available
  • Mix and match drives to create a tiered-storage environment PowerVault MD3200i & MD3220i iSCSI SAN Storage Array - The Dell TechCenter
  • Scale up to 96 drives with PowerVault MD1200 and/or MD1220 expansion enclosures
The MD3200i/MD3220i arrays offer several advantages over Fibre Channel systems to support your virtual server environment.
  • 1Gb Ethernet is a mature, well-understood technology that is less complicated than Fibre Channel technology.
  • Ethernet hardware is cost-effective and readily available.
  • Widespread familiarity with Ethernet technology can help cut training time and costs.
MD3200i storage systems are fully qualified for use in virtualized application environments with VMware® and Microsoft® Hyper-VTM software.
PowerVault MD3200i & MD3220i iSCSI SAN Storage Array - The Dell TechCenter
MD3200i/MD3220i arrays enable you to mix and match components to create your optimal tiered-storage environment.
Deploy up to 96 HDDs by simply plugging in PowerVault MD1200 and/or PowerVault MD1220 enclosures behind MD3200i arrays. This means you can scale your system with a mix of both 3.5” and 2.5” hard drives.
In dual-controller systems, hot plug additional storage enclosures without shutting down the system.

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