April 2017

This page has been archived and will no longer be maintained or updated.

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 EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware®

The Dell EqualLogic Host Integration Tools for VMware® (HIT/VE) is made up of three tools designed to ease administrator tasks. We are delivering HIT/VE as a virtual appliance which can be downloaded and installed into the VMware cluster.

Once downloaded and installed, the following three tools are installed and registered as plug-ins into vCenter.

  • EqualLogic Datastore Manager – Allows administrators to provision new Datastores, expand existing Datastores, and monitor storage usage in the VMware Datacenter.
  • Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware® Edition 3.0 – Creates and restores Smartcopies of Hypervisor consistent Virtual Machines (VMs). Utilizes snapshots, clones, and replicas within PS Series group allowing for fast restoration or disaster recovery.
  • EqualLogic Virtual Desktop Deployment Tool – VMware View aware desktop provisioning wizard which allows the deployment of manual virtual desktop pools using array based space efficient thin clones and also allows the refresh of these pools.
Note: These tools can be launched from the Home screen of vCenter and also from the new context sensitive tabs and right-click menu options that are added with the plug-in.

EqualLogic Datastore Manager
The EqualLogic Datastore Manager has three primary functions: create a new Datastore, expand existing Datastores, and monitor Datastores from vCenter. This gives administrators who want to quickly provision new storage for their virtual environment a new integrated wizard and the ability to provision new SAN volumes and then assign them to the ESX cluster all from one interface. The wizard allows you to decide how many volumes to create, the size, the snapshot reserve and also the VMFS format size and automates the entire process including rescans and formatting. This tool can also be used to expand existing Datastores. Because the storage is virtualized in the SAN, growing a volume to accommodate an increase in VMs is easy to do. Combine this with the native abilities in ESX to grow the partition size and you can easily expand your environment as space needs change.

Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware® Edition 3.0
Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition is a coordination utility that combines Hypervisor consistent snapshots with space efficient SAN snapshots. This product was previously released as a standalone application that would coordinate VMware snapshots with PS Series snapshots.
By using context sensitive tabs and right-click menus in vCenter, administrators can coordinate snapshots, clones and replicas as well as recover them from within vCenter. The tool works by communicating with vCenter to place the virtual machines into snapshot mode and then creating a snapshot on the SAN, and then releasing the VMware snapshot. This provides Hypervisor consistent snapshots of the VMs and allows recovery of virtual machines for rapid recovery. It also coordinates with the EqualLogic built-in replication and can protect entire datacenters in a disaster recovery scenario with failover and failback capabilities.