The Deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2008 based Decision Support Systems using Dell EqualLogic 10GbE iSCSI Storage whitepaper is available for download here: PDF

The goal of this paper is to describe best practices for deploying Decision Support System (DSS) or
Data Warehousing (DW) solutions based on Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 using Dell™ EqualLogic™
storage. DSS solutions require scalable storage platforms that offer high levels of performance and
capacity. Deploying the storage platform using validated best practices and recommended settings for
various system components (storage, server, switch, operating system, and application) will ensure
optimal operation.

We want your feedback! Please use the comment thread on this page to let us know what you think of this paper. How did it help you size and deliver a SQL Server based DSS system using Dell EqualLogic PS Series storage?

- The Dell Product Group Storage Infrastructure and Solutions Team
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