Why Dell PS-SC Coexistence?– Managing and running a business takes hard work.  As an IT manager, you make hundreds of decisions a week to keep the business humming and customers happy.  Many of your decisions revolve around technology, because smart, tech savvy businesses are always looking for that competitive advantage that will help them grow.  But, you are also practical and know that technology transitions can be  costly and time-consuming.


Replacing hardware and software can be expensive, and retraining staff takes time. Dealing with multiple suppliers can be difficult and managing data and information using multiple management portals can waste time.  Fortunately, Dell Storage has some new technologies that solve these problems.


Dell PS Series and SC Series storage solutions are like peanut butter and jelly; separate both are equally delicious and together make a great sandwich!  PS Series provides simplified management with a range of performance options .  SC Series provides advanced efficiency features (data reduction, auto-tiering)  and optimal flash performance.  Separately, each provides a powerful storage solution; but, together they provide future-proof integrated storage solutions that can be managed from a single portal.


Dell Storage Manager (DSM) software offers bidirectional, cross-platform replication for PS Series and SC Series arrays. DSM allows you to manage day-to-day tasks for both your PS and SC Series arrays using the same management portal making integration easy. You can also initiate volume replication between PS and SC Series with DSM and easily configure and monitor replication tasks.  


“The Dell Storage Cross-Platform Replication feature was very easy to set up. Using Dell Storage Manager (DSM) to do Cross-Platform Replication was easy and straightforward as well. A Dell Storage PS Series user will definitely be able to quickly achieve replication via DSM without any time consuming training.”


– Hans de Jongh, Director/Owner, IT Creation


If you already have PS Series arrays deployed in your data center, then you can continue to add more PS Series arrays, consider SC Series arrays or even invest in both lines. If you decide to transition to SC Series over time, you can protect your current IT investment by deploying your PS and SC Series arrays in the same storage environment.  Dell fully supports PS Series and SC Series together in the same environment. Therefore, no need for multi-vendor support contracts; your tech support needs are simplified.


To learn more about how Dell’s cross-platform replication technology and how Dell Storage Manager can streamline your data center, please read Dell Storage Cross-Platform Replication Solutions Guide , watch Dell Storage Cross-Platform Replication video and Dell Storage Manager: Day-to-day Management video, or ask your Dell representative.

Do you have any storage TCO questions?-The Dell Storage TCO Calculator helps PS Series customers evaluate the financial advantages of maintaining a PS-centric environment or mixing/migrating to a different storage platform.

Based on key inputs about your storage needs, this tool delivers total cost of ownership (TCO) projections, allowing you to email a report for future use.


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