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Modernize and transform your storage network

Solutions for traditional Storage Area Networks (SANs) and emerging Software Defined Storage (SDS) Environments

Today’s IT plays a vital role in generating new business value, delivering new services and capturing new markets. Information and technology teams are radically rethinking how they can take advantage of cloud, data management and security strategies to create value for the enterprise. The core of all successful IT initiatives is the efficient, cost-effective and secure access to enterprise data. Traditionally, this data has been stored in arrays accessible through Fibre Channel (FC), iSCSI, or FCoE Storage Area Networks (SANs).

More recently, the well-established SAN methodologies are being challenged by virtualization and Software Defined Storage (SDS). While virtualization brings numerous advantages to the data center, such as more efficient resource utilization, decreased level of management complexity, lower power and cooling demands, etc., it also introduces new challenges, including specific performance requirements, application isolation, security aspects and business continuance and disaster recovery considerations.

Dell EMC embraces both methodologies, offering robust, comprehensive storage networking solutions that enable organizations to access their vital data where and when it’s needed within an efficient, secure, and cost-effective environment.

Start small and scale as you grow with the Dell EMC storage networking portfolio. Whether you need an entry-level switch for a departmental SAN or a large fabric for an enterprise level application, Dell EMC can help with traditional or SDS-based configurations, providing the best cost for performance solutions.

Some businesses are expanding their existing SAN and NAS infrastructure while others are deploying software-defined storage (SDS) solutions with hypervisor-integrated systems and open-source solutions. Dell EMC and Dell EMC partners enable you to choose the best approach for your data center and evolve at a pace that meets your business needs.

Dell EMC Multi-protocol Switches

Dell EMC offers a comprehensive portfolio of multi-protocol switches that are ready to meet your storage connectivity needs.

Switch Type Ports iSCSI FCoE FC SDS NAS FE RoCE
S6000 ToR/Fixed


112x10GbE with 4x40GbE

Yes FSB No Yes Yes Yes
S5000 ToR/Modular 48x10GbE (up to 12 unified ports) with 4x40GbE Yes Fabric, NPG, FSB Yes Yes Yes Yes
S4048-ON ToR/Fixed 48x10GbE with 6x40GbE Yes FSB No Yes Yes Yes
S4820T ToR/Fixed 48x10GbE with 4x40GbE Yes FSB No Yes Yes Yes
N4000 ToR/Fixed 48x10GbE with 4x40GbE Yes FSB No Yes Yes Yes
MXL Blade (M1000e) 32x10GbE with 6x40GbE Yes Direct attach, NPG, FSB Yes Yes Yes Yes
M-IOA Blade (M1000e) 32x10GbE with 6x40GbE Yes Direct attach, NPG, FSB Yes Yes Yes Yes
FN-IOM Blade (FX2) 8x10GbE with 4x10GbE Yes Direct attach, NPG, FSB Yes Yes Yes Yes
S3048-ON ToR/Fixed 48x1GbE with 2x10GbE Yes No No No Yes Yes
N3000 ToR/Fixed 48x1GbE with 2x40GbE Yes No No No Yes Yes

Dell EMC Fibre Channel Switches

Dell EMC offers an industry leading Fibre Channel switch portfolio based on Brocade and Cisco Fibre Channel products and technology. For more than 15 years Dell EMC has been working hard to identify, validate, and offer a comprehensive line of Fibre Channel switches. Customers can purchase the following OEM products along with Dell EMC servers, storage, and networking through Dell. Additionally, customers will also benefit from industry-leading Dell EMC support and services for these products.

Switch Type Max port speed Max ports
Brocade 300 ToR/Fixed 8Gb FC 24
Brocade 6505 ToR/Fixed 16Gb FC 24
Brocade 6510 ToR/Fixed 16Gb FC 48
Brocade 6520 ToR/Fixed 16Gb FC 96
PowerConnect M5424 Blade (M1000e) 8Gb FC 24
Brocade M6505 Blade (M1000e) 16Gb FC 24
Brocade DCX 8510-4 Director 16Gb FC 192
Brocade 8510-8 Director 16Gb FC 384

Deployment and Technical Guides

I/O Guides

Solution Brief

Workloads and applications

Document Title Product Focus Tags

Accelerating Oracle OLTP with Compellent Flash Optimized Array

M820, SC8000., MXL, M8024-k, M6505 Oracle RAC, FC, blade
High Performance SQL Server with Storage Center All Flash Array R820, SC8000, 6505 Microsoft SQL, FC, Rack

Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.5 SC4020 4,500 Mailbox Exchange 2013 Resiliency Storage Solution

R620, SC4020, 300 Microsoft Exchange, FC, HA

Dell Compellent Storage Center 6.5 SC4020 10,000 Mailbox Exchange 2013 Resiliency Storage Solution

R620, SC4020, 300

Microsoft Exchange, FC, HA 

Microsoft Exchange 2013 on Dell PowerEdge R730xd 3.5” Chassis and Dell PowerVault MD1400

R730xd, MD1400, H830, S4810, S5000 Microsoft Exchange, DAS

Best Practices for EqualLogic in an OpenStack Private Cloud

M820, M620, R620, PC6248, PC7048, S4810, PS6210X OpenStack, iSCSI, Private cloud 

Dell Unified Communication Solution with Microsoft Lync Server 2013

R630, N4000, PC7024P, W-3200 controller, W-AP135 Microsoft Lync 2013, Microsoft SQL, Hhyper-V

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 on Dell PowerEdge R630 with Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 Hyper-V

R630, PS6210, S4810 Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Hyper-V 

VDI with Citrix XenDesktop and Vmware vSphere on Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110XS Hybrid Blade Storage Arrays

M620, MXL, PS-M4110XS Vmware vSphere, vCenter, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft SQL, VDI

Dell XC web-scale converged appliance for Vmware Horizon View

XC, Wyse, Horizon View VDI, XC, SDS, Vmware Horizon View 

Dell XC web-scale converged appliance for Wyse vWorkspace

XC, Wyse, vWorkSpace VDI, XC, SDS, vWorkspace

Dell XC web-scale converged appliance for Citrix XenDesktop

XC, Wyse, Citrix VDI, XC, SDS, Citrix XenDesktop
Dell XC web-scale converged appliance for VMware ESXi cluster  XC, S4048-ON, ESXi XC, ESXi, S4048-ON, S3048-ON, HA 
Dell XC web-scale converged appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V cluster XC, S4048-ON, Hyper-V XC, Hyper-V, S4048-ON, S3048-ON, HA


Document Title Product Focus Tags

Dell Networking S5000: Deployment of a Converged Infrastructure with FCoE

R720, S5000, SC8000, 6505


Dell Networking FC Flex IOM: Deployment of FCoE with Dell FC Flex IOM, Brocade FC switches, and Dell Compellent Storage Array

M1000e, R620, MXL, FC FlexIOM, S6000, SC8000, 6505


Dell Networking S5000 Switch Configuration Guide for Compellent iSCSI SAN

SC8000, SC4020, S5000


Dell Networking S4810 and Dell Force10 S4810 Switch Configuration Guide for EqualLogic iSCSI SANs

S4810, PS-series


Dell Networking S5000: 3-Step Deployment (Full Fabric Mode)

R720, S5000, SC8000, SC4020


Dell S5000 w/ MXL Blade Switch and PowerEdge Blade Servers – Full Fabric Mode Example with Configs

M620, S5000, MXL, MD3660f


Dell Networking S5000 Switch Configuration Guide

R620, S5000, PS6110


Dell Networking MXCL and M IOA FC FlexIO Direct Connect Storage Deployment Guide

M1000e, MXL, FC FlexIOM

FCoE, FC, F_Port

Deploying Dell Networking MXL and PowerEdge M IOA with FC FLexIO module in a Cisco MDS Environment

M1000e, MXL, . M-IOA, FC FlexIOM


Configuring FC/FCoE with PowerEdge FX2 and FN2210S

FX2, FN2210S


Configuring FCoE (FIP Snooping Bridge) with PowerEdge FX2 and FN410S IO Aggregator

FX2, FN410S


Dell Networking C9000 Series Switch Configuration Guide for Dell SC Series iSCSI SANs

SC8000, C9000, R630


Dell Networking S4048-ON Switch Configuration Guide for Dell SC Series iSCSI SANs

SC8000, S4048-ON, R630


Dell Networking N4000 Series for Dell SC Series iSCSI SANs

SC Series, N4000, R620


Dell Networking S3048-ON Switch Configuration Guide for Dell SC Series iSCSI SANs

SC8000, S3048-ON, R630


Additional documents

  • Is there a straight forward, definitive list of which storage arrays support DCB? As I understand it, everything in the stack needs to support DCB for it to work but I cannot find any info on whether the SC series supports DCB. If not, can anyone tell me when it will be supported on the various SC/SCv arrays?

  • Dell Storage HCL provides a list of arrays / switches that support DCB (Converged). Both PS series MD series support DCB for iSCSI. Currently, SC series does not.