The Dell EMC XC Series platform is a scale-out cluster of hyper-converged nodes each running a standard hypervisor and containing processors, memory and local storage (consisting of SSD Flash and high-capacity hard disk drives). The Dell EMC XC Series platform is powered by Nutanix software and managed through the Nutanix Prism interface. The Dell EMC XC Series Platform can horizontally scale from as few as three nodes to a large number of nodes, enabling organizations to scale their infrastructure as their needs grow.

Each node runs virtual machines just like a standard virtual machine host and VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors are supported. In addition, local storage from all nodes is virtualized into a unified pool by the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS). In effect, NDFS acts like an advanced NAS that uses local SSDs and disks from all nodes to store virtual machine data. Virtual machines running on the cluster write data to NDFS as if they were writing to shared storage.

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 What’s New

Find out about best practices for Dell EMC Series using Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2. This document provides recommendations for maintaining the stability and performance of the platform and workloads while preserving the operational lifetime of the SATADOM. Learn more.

Dell EMC XC Series now provides guidance for customers wanting to do Rapid Appliance Self Recovery (RASR) using either Acropolis Hypervisor or Windows.  Acropolis Hypervisor version.     Windows Version.

Dell XC630 Web-Scale HyperConverged Appliance: Greater Database Performance Than Alternative Integrated Solution
Learn more about how to get 73 percent greater OLTP database performance in hyper-converged Dell EMC XC630 appliances by reading this Principled Technologies test report.


Dell EMC XC Series Information Update
Get important information on how to properly use the SATADOM as a boot device and not for application use. This document also includes details on how to properly remove SED. In addition, this document contains a link to Nutanix knowledge base articles.

Update to Dell EMC XC Series 2.0 HBA Firmware

The supported H730 host bus adapter version has changed. You now must use firmware version 25.2.2-0004.

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