Gemalto’s SafeNet Key Secure Solutions for Dell Storage SC Series

Encryption is fundamental to any defense-in-depth strategy whether the goal is compliance or securing sensitive data. Self-encrypting drives are an effective way to deploy encryption in large-scale storage environments. However, as the number of drives increases, so does the number of encryption keys, key stores, and access policies needing management.

The administrative effort involved in managing these deployments and the associated key lifecycle is significant, and can become unwieldy as encryption use increases. To cost-effectively support such an environment and bring it into regulatory compliance, enterprise key management must be part of the solution. 


Centralizing the storage of access keys to the self-encrypting drives (SEDs) not only simplifies key management, but also ensures that encrypted data is protected from unauthorized access—even as the size of the encryption deployment grows. 

Dell EMC self-encrypting drives ensure that data stored on those drives are secure. Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure™ integrates with Dell EMC SC Series Secure Data solutions to provide robust, enterprise-scale key management, ensuring that access keys are managed throughout their lifecycle and properly secured with FIPS 140-2 certified hardware.

KeySecure in SC Series deployments

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