The R730XD is an ideal VMS platform in a 2U form factor. It will step up to performance requirements, while having high local storage capibilities. It is ideal as a stand alone unit or as a building block in larger installations.

Testing was performed in a controlled lab environment and focused on two comparative configurations. This document is intended for use as a reference when tailoring the platform towards an intended installation.

The key system components of focus in this environment as it scales are the network bandwidth, the local storage and the CPU processing capibilities.

- Close consideration of the network adapter on the video ingest network may require a 10G adapter if the potential throughput could exceed the onboard 1G limits.

- As storage performance is key, utilizing the H730P raid controller with 2048MB of onboard cache is recommended.

- Any level of analytics increases the load on the CPU, and memory. Motion detect in particular substantially increased the CPU load.