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  • MD3000 Battery backup Critical alerts

    Received the following three alerts from one of our MD3000. Upgraded Firmware to latest revision only last week so no issue there. Can I ignore as these have not recurred for nearly 48 hours and I don't want to open a support call. Event Error Code: 7300 Event occurred: 14-Nov-2009 12:55:21 Event...
  • EqualLogic Storage

    I am looking to see if the EqualLogic support Microsoft Clustering for SQL 2008 when using Hyper-V. If so were can I can white papers supporting this. According to the Microsoft website in order to support SQL 2008 Clustering with Hyper-V they need RAW or pass thru disks on the ISCSI SAN, is this possible...
  • Data Protection and Storage availablity

    Hi, I wanted to clarify when 2 disks failed in a same RAID Group which is configured in RAID 5 what would happen to the data and storage? Hotspare also configured on that array. Thank in advance Guru