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Compellent temerature sensor alert


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Compellent temerature sensor alert

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We are getting following alerts on Compellent.  Please let me know if it is critical error and do

we need to replace sensor if it is failing ?

Alert created on controller '54744' for object 'TemperatureSensor 1 1' [StatusAlert]: Temperature Sensor 01-01 in Enclosure - 1 is in a Unrecoverable state

Alert normalized on controller '54744' for object 'AudibleAlarm 1 1' [ToneOnAlert]: Audible Alarm for Enclosure - 1 is emitting a tone indicating a problem.



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  • Hello, 

     If you have not done so already, I would suggest you open a support case for this.   Under temp alerts tend to be failed sensors. 



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