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PowerEdge 2900 - LTO2 Driver and add on cards..


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PowerEdge 2900 - LTO2 Driver and add on cards..

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Hello World,


I have two issues:

Currently configuring a PowerEdge 2900. I am running Windows 2012 R2 (Standard). Due to my choice of using 2012, I think I may have out witted some of the old components. The machine is second hand and about 99.9% of it is fully operational and running perfectly. That .1% is related to a SCSI controller card that is currently without a driver.

I have all the original disks from 2003R2 to the drivers, including the installation disks for the machine. On having 2012R2 search the disks for the appropriate driver via update driver, no matching driver could be found. I was able by searching via the card information that is printed on the cards to determine within a small window of being wrong, I am missing the driver for the LTO2 tape drive. To confirm this information, I noticed that the there is no tape drive listed under the device manager. On visiting support.dell.com and the manufacture of the tape drive, their software packages and drivers will error out stating it found an unrecognize OS (2012R2). So basically, by having a newer OS, and not willing to put an outdated OS on the system, I am stuck with a Tape Drive that while functional, cannot be used until a driver can be found. Has anyone had this problem and how did they solve it?

The second one is related to adding a new card. I want to add a sound card. While I do not want to install the top of the line 7.1 surround sound card, I just want to add in a basic card. Thus, I now have confusion on which card will work correctly. I came across a lot of bad advice thus far from people cutting cards (stupid idea) to recommending the wrong type. Currently, all the PCI x4 and x8 are available and I have one open PCI-x slot. I know I need to find a PCIe card, but which type is my question. Any correct information would be helpful. Please point me in the right direction.

Thanks for your help

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  • Hello emc42,

    LTO drivers are native to windows since windows 2008. You should be able to install the generic LTO driver, & get it seen. In some cases you may need to do a search via manufacture of the drive to find the generic LTO driver.

    Sound cards are neither tried, nor tested in the server. So it would be a case by case test to see if it worked, or the driver was supported.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • Hello,


    Thank you for your response. As I mentioned, Windows (2012) was unable to find a suitable generic driver. Windows (regardless of OS style) only contains a finite number of drivers. However, I used a Dell Utility Program buried in the optional download section of the support page to locate the correct driver. Trust me, it felt like I was on an archaeological dig to find it. The next course of action is finding a compatible application package for the tape drive, as “Tapeware” (which came with the original disks) and TDkit are really outdated. Since, I have found the driver I needed. Things are looking better.


    Thanks again.