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Dell Storage SCv2020: Vasa Provider


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Dell Storage SCv2020: Vasa Provider

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I am getting the below auto-generated URL when i try to Register the VASA Provider using option Register VMware vCenter Server in DSM.

https://Dell Inc.:3034/vasa-provider/vasa2/vasa-version.xml

I am using the DSM Build with version :


1. Deployed the DSMBuildVM-

2. After successful deployment , log in to the DSM 

3. Configured DSM as primary data collector. 

4. Logged in to DSM using Dell storage manager client.

5. Added storage Center .

6. Then Register a VMware vCenter Server using 

  • Click the Servers view..
  • Select the Servers folder in the Servers pane..
  • In the right pane, click Register Server and select Add VMware vCenter Server.
  • The Register Server dialog box opens.
  • In the Host or IP Address field, enter the host name or IP address of a vCenter Server
  • Type the user name and password of an administrator on the vCenter Server in the User Name and User Password fields

After that when i selected the Register VASA Provider check box, i am getting the above url which is auto generated. I cant edit it 

https://Dell Inc.:3034/vasa-provider/vasa2/vasa-version.xml

The URL format for vasa provider is:

URL format is: https://<DSM FQDN or IP Address>:3034/vasa-provider/vasa2/vasa-version.xml

Does anyone has faced this problem?


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