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SCv2020 Impossible to access - Need Factory Default


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SCv2020 Impossible to access - Need Factory Default

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I configured my SCv2020 with all informations needed using the Entreprise Manager, i accessed for the first time the management console, seen the drives...etc. I had some other priorities, when i come back to continue my configuration i was unable to access the SCv2020 using the Entreprise Manager Client. I have a login or password error, even if i'm sure to use the correct password because i write it in my configuration sheet.

Anyway, i'm realy blocked now, and i'm looking for a solution to do a Factory default because i'm also not able to do a device discovery anymore because the device is already initilized.

Can you please help with the Factory Default procedure?

Best regards.

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  • Hello, 

     I would suggest opening a case.  If resetting it is required they can assist you. 



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