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Retrofitting a LTO-5 140 Tape drive into a TL2000


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Retrofitting a LTO-5 140 Tape drive into a TL2000

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I'm trying to use an LTO5 drive that came in an external case in our TL2000. It spins up and does the full range of tests but it is not recognized by the TL2000. I assume this is a firmware issue but I have no way of flashing the firmware since I cannot access the drive. I have updated the TL2000 firmware to the latest available. Any ideas?

Here's the history...  We were incorrectly supplied PowerVault LTO-5-140 Tape Drives instead of drives already mounted on drive sleds for our TL2000. The tape drive itself is identical to our failing drive used on the drive sled and it has the same part number, same physical arrangement of connectors etc. The only difference is that the new drive connected to it's case using the Ethernet connector whereas our existing drive uses the RS422 connector (this is based on the drawing found in the user manual) and I assume that the TL2000 uses RS422 to communicate to the drive?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hello Simon,

    What you are needing to do is to put the LTO5 drive on the drive sled of the failed drive is on. Once that the drive is on the sled then it should be seen correctly. With the TL2000 the drives are only seen as long as they are on the drive sleds.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • Hi Sam,

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I had already tried your suggestion and sadly it did not work and this is what prompted me to think it was a firmware issue related to how the drive 'talks' to the tape library.

    We have 2 tape drives fitted to our TL and with the new tape drive physically connected to one of the drive sleds and inserted in to the TL I can observe the status lights of the tape drive through the front vents of the TL and I can see that both drives go through the same startup tests but when they are done the existing drive goes into a 'ready state' and its front display number display stays on whereas the new drive the number display is off and there is no sign of life at all. The front panel on the TL does not register the new drive and it still shows the serial number and particulars of the old drive that was removed. After a short while the TL reported the drive as 'offline' (or something similar that made me think it had gone into some sort of power saving mode)

    It' might be interesting to note that with the new drive connected the TL is not available to use in Symantec backup exec and windows device manager only see one tape drive (I can't tell which drive it is) and no media changer.

    The only physical difference that I can see in the way the two drives connect to their respective mounting hardware is that the new drive in the desktop case connects to the case's Ethernet diagnostic port (the one with the spanner on it) via a connector situated towards the middle of the drive circuit board next to the iSCSI plug whereas the 'drive sled' drive uses a connector that is right on the edge of the board. The connectors are different sizes and are not interchangeable. This all makes me think that it's firmware. I am using the same iSCSI port on the drive sled as before (the left hand side).

    By the way, the old drive is still functional, just not reliable when it comes to verifying data, so I know that the drive sled and it's ports are all working OK.

    I do not know much about iSCSI but could it be an addressing problem? Are there any switches or jumpers on the drive that need to be moved? I have not stripped it down that far to find out.

    Thanks again.