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Disconnect md1200 from md3220i


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Disconnect md1200 from md3220i

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We have an setup with an md3220i thats extended with an md1200. We dont have any active server on the md1200 anymore and want to disconnect it. I see it exist an "Prepare for removal" and i can choose the expansion enclosure 1 so its seams the array management software is ready.

Now the question i asked dell about this and the answer is that its not supported to disconnect the md1200 when the md3220 is still active. Anyone have some experience with anything like this and want to share ?



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  • Hello Mattias,

    You can disconnect your MD1200 from your MD3220i but it is best to power off both MD3220i & MD1200 then disconnect the MD1200 from your MD3220i then power back on your MD3220i. if you remove the MD1200 while the MD3220i is active you can cause some issues with your virtual disk. Also when the MD3220i boots it scans to see if there are any expansion enclosures attached so by disconnecting it you will get expansion enclosures errors stating that it is lost without powering it down & removing your MD1200.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    DELL-Sam L
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  • Well finally we got an servicewindows. But we did NOT stop the esxi server or the md3220i storage.

    We first made sure no machine/templates was on the old md1220 and after that we did an unmount in esxi. After that we did an prepare for removal process in the storage software. After that we shutdown the md1220 storage and removed the logical disk that was attached to that storage.

    Everything work fine without any downtime for us. so for my perpective is possible to remove it in production but we dont garanty it will work for other as dell also pointed out.