Qlogic HBA drivers


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Qlogic HBA drivers

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Just switched jobs from an HP server and storage environment to a Dell server and IBM storage environment.

So how do I find HBA drivers (QLE2462 and QLE2562 in PE R710 and R910 servers?

I am trying to search for them, I am trying to drill down in the storage section.  All I can find so far is the Firmware by going to the R710 section.

Very frustrating website in general to say the least.


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  • Sorry for your frustration, the drive site has changed a bit in the recent weeks.

    For Servers, PC, Laptops, etc. you can look up by Service Tag or product here: www.dell.com/.../NeedProductSelection

    (It's usually best to search by the ST (Service Tag), for most Dell products first).

    Here is the link to the specific Adapters you were looking for:

    The QLE2462:


    The QLE2562:



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  • Thanks Joe.

    I had found these links you gave above but they say Firmware.  Do they also contain the Windows drivers?

  • No, the os drivers are are under networking....



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  • So to clarify…

    Search by your product (or Service Tag), on the list of downloads, expand the Network Section

    For example to find all the drivers for your R720:

    Use the first link I provided in the previous post, then to find all the R710 drivers:


    Enter your service tag, or if you don’t know the ST, select the radio button for “Choose from a list of all Dell products), from there Select “Server, Storage and Networking”, from there choose your product, in this case PowerEdge, then in the next window select the model.

    If you select the R710 you should then land here:


    From here, just expand the Network section to see the drivers.

    All this is much quicker if you know your Service Tag, and you will be taken to the exact page without the additional navigation that I just described.


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  • Thanks for the help Joe.

    Not to you but in general it is amazing how difficult it is to find stuff on the Dell website.

    Anyway, thanks again Joe, I do appreciate it.