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Spare Drives for Equallogic PS5000? (3rd Party drives work?)


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Spare Drives for Equallogic PS5000? (3rd Party drives work?)

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We have a PS5000 that has 250GB drives in it.  THe whole this is one big Raid 5 array with only 1 hotspare.  So we're thinking it would be nice to have some extra drives on hand just in case.

Going through vendor, vendor says that these drives are in short supply and Dell hasn't gotten back with them yet. 

Searching the drive serial number I find that the Seagate 250GB drives that the Equallogic is using are discontinued. 

So I'm thinking about just purchasing a couple of Seagate 250GB different model drives (with same specs as the origional) to have on hand as emergency backups.

Will this work?  I have seen conflicting info as to whether or not 3rd party drives will even work in the unit.   I can understand that the warranty may be voided but I think it may be work the risk.

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  • While it is technically possible to do so, it would violate both the warranty and service partnership agreements rendering them null and void.  We perform extensive quality checks and very aggressive screening of all of our parts. Acquiring your own parts would make it impossible for EqualLogic to effectively support the system. It would create a situation where we would have to request you restore the system to all EqualLogic parts before we began to troubleshoot any problem were to arise. To maintain a reliable high quality, high availability you need to have all genuine EqualLogic parts.

    Regarding availability, you are correct that the 250Gig is no longer being manufactured; however, alternate sizes should be available.  Typically this is a larger sized disk, that when used, would only appear as the smallest disk in the raid set, in your case 250Gig’s

    If your vendor cannot find any for you, contact sales directly at:

    603-579-9762 x7792



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