RAID 10 on an MD3000


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RAID 10 on an MD3000

  • Hey guys,
    When configuring R10 via MDSM there is no "RAID 10" option.
    Can a customer just pick R1 and apply it to 4 or more drives?

    Brian Summers
    Dell Subject Matter Expert
  • Hello Brian,

    you are right, if you want to configure a raid 10 via mdsm start the MDSM then open configure choose create virtual drive , click next, then choose as method manual , choose raid 1, add 4 drives (step per step), mark the 4 selected drives in the right window , then click on the capacity button, the size will be shown, the raid will be created and you see in the main window that there are 2 virtual dirves are shown with raid 1 and 0, but there is only 1 logical drive.
    (couldnt give you the exact steps due to I`m using the german MDSM version)