Hello all,

I recently installed a new PS6000 array in our network and im trying to get it to join our existing group.
However after running the setup utility, setting up the mgmt NIC on the same subnet as the group mgmt IP etc it asks me for the group name to join.
I enter it and it magically finds the correct IP of the group (prooving that there is infact contact?) but after a min of trying to join it says the group is not created or not reachable.

After quitting out the setup utility (with the IP still configured) im able to ping the group ip too from the box. So there definitely seems to be contact between the two!

Is there anything im missing here? Any particular ports that needs to be opened? (As far as i can see and know everything should already be open since they are on the same subnet but i can double check).

Any other advice as to what could cause this? And am i correct in assuming the box is jacked into the correct switch port etc since the machines are able to ping eachother (and the setup utility detects the correct group ip from just giving the group name)?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,