MetaCaseDesk is a cloud and SharePoint-based ticketing toolHelpdesk application, and case management system. Small, medium and large sized businesses use it to manage their internal technical (hardware as well as software) issues in the form of tickets, on a daily basis. It allows customers (or end users) to raise tickets, and support team to resolve those tickets.

Customers raise tickets by using mailing service or online customer portal, and support team resolve those tickets by using online support portal. Both Customers and support team are given login credentials to access their portals and these credentials are stored in the local AD (active directory).

If businesses already have an AD, then their customers and support team can use it for accessing MetaCaseDesk through cross AD authentication. MetaCaseDesk offers cross AD authentication, which create trust between businesses’ AD and MetaCaseDesk AD using the ADFS (active directory federation service).

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