I am researching tools suitable for use in recovering a multi virtual server SP 2010 farm at a remote site after a disaster.

One of the names that has turned up in my searching is Recovery Manager for SharePoint Premium.

So far, I am just searching for material to determine whether or not the tool qualifies for a further look.

The preferred functionality would be a tool that can take advantage of the SQL Server backups, virtual machine backups, NetBackup backups currently occurring, perform any additional backups needed, and then be able to be configured so that it automatically restores all the pieces into a working farm with minimal human interaction. In the case of a real disaster, the support staff will require time to find electricity, internet, etc. to connect into a remote disaster recovery site.  

The preference would be that the staff not be faced with having to manually create VMs, install SP 2010 on the various machines, etc. but that the software provide as much - or all - of that type of work.

If Recovery Manager Premium is not suitable for this task, I would love to hear of any other tools that would help towards this goal.