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Site Administrator Rest Api

Site Administrator Rest Api

This question has been answered by Andrey Krivosheya
We are trying to use Quest Rest Api to develop web parts for showing quest reports to all users of a Site collection.
The Rest Api only responds with data if the data is calculated and Stored in the Quest Database.
The Calculation happens only when the activity report page is opened via the Browser at least once.
So I would like to understand from Quest support on if there is a way I can initiate the calculation via a rest interface or by other means to get the latest data from Quest.
The reason we develop these webparts is the restriction in Site Administrator tool to view reports only by a site collection administrator. In our organization , we would not allow business member to be a site admin and will be managed by IT. We would be happy to know if there is a way to allow read only or contributor access user to view site administrator reports

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  • What version of Site Administrator are you using? What exact api are you trying to call?

    Have you looked into for example, you need to do "put" to initiate data update, before you can "get" data updated or initially gathered.

  • Hi Andrey,

    After trying the Put to initiate data upadate, Iam able to get the latest data.

    But should I add any delay between Put and Get calls. Sometimes when I try the PUT call and immediately try the GET call, the data from GET call does not have a valid data. 


    Senthil Kumaresan.

  • You should wait until "actual_on" field of json reply contains valid date time that is bigger then "actual_on" you "get" before doing "put".

  • Hi Andrey,

    Thanks for the info. I am able to get the latest data from the Rest Api.

    It would be helpful if these information are documented in the Help.