In SharePoint 2013 it's allowed to copy a Site Collection to the same Content Database preserving IDs of the Site Collection objects. It can be done using Copy-SPSite ( Recovery Manager for SharePoint fails to analyse backups containing a Site Collection and their copy provided the Site Collection copy object IDs being preserved. The corresponding Recovery Manager for SharePoint error message looks like the following: " cannot insert insert duplicate key

violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint "Cache_<ID>_ObjectUnique.'  Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.Cache_<ID>'.

.... " where <ID> is a backup product internal ID.

The issue can not be fixed now because there is MS SharePoint API blocking issue. Plese find the issue details below:

From: Neeti Mittal []
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 3:48 PM
To: Kirill Kashnikov
Cc: MSSolve Case Email; Ilya Teterin
Subject: [REG:114043011404535] List Export fails after Copy-SpSite


Hello Kirill,

Thank you for taking the time to discuss your support incident with me.

As discussed, please find below a summary of the problem scope we agreed for this case. Please let me know if anything is incorrect or if I am missing any information that will help me to progress this case towards the agreed upon resolution?

List Export fails after copying the site in same DB
Here are the steps to reproduce the issue :

  • Create a new web      application and a site collection (Site collection exist in WSS_Content)
  • Create a new document      library in it and upload few documents
  • Run the below command to      copy the site in same DB
         Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell
         Copy-SPSite "http://webapp/sites/SimpleSiteCollection1"      -DestinationDatabase WSS_Content -targetUrl "http://webapp/sites/SimpleSiteCollection1Copy"

provided WSS_Content being webapp Content DataBase (i.e. make a copy in the same database)

  • Go to "Central      Administration -> Backup and Restore -> Site Or List Export"
         Select Site Collection: http://webapp/sites/SimpleSiteCollection1
         Site: /sites/SimpleSiteCollection1
         List: List1
         File location: \\webapp\backups\testlist.cmp
         Check "Export full security"
         Export versions: All Versions
         Start Export


  • Export fails :

[5/8/2014 3:40:47 AM] [File] [Upload.aspx] Progress: Exporting File /sites/Source/sub/Shared Documents/Forms/Upload.aspx.
[5/8/2014 3:40:47 AM] [File] [Upload.aspx] Verbose: Exporting Web Part
[5/8/2014 3:40:48 AM] FatalError: These columns don't currently have unique values.
[5/8/2014 3:40:48 AM] Debug: at System.Data.ConstraintCollection.AddUniqueConstraint(UniqueConstraint constraint)
at System.Data.ConstraintCollection.Add(Constraint constraint, Boolean addUniqueWhenAddingForeign)
at System.Data.ConstraintCollection.Add(Constraint constraint, Boolean addUniqueWhenAddingForeign)
at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.DataSetRelationCollection.AddCore(DataRelation relation)
at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.Add(DataRelation relation)
at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.Add(String name, DataColumn parentColumn, DataColumn childColumn)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ListObjectHelper.GetNextBatch()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ObjectHelper.RetrieveDataFromDatabase(ExportObject exportObject)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ListObjectHelper.RetrieveData(ExportObject exportObject)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ExportObjectManager.GetObjectData(ExportObject exportObject)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ExportObjectManager.MoveNext()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ExportObjectManager.ExportObjectEnumerator.MoveNext()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPExport.SerializeObjects()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPExport.Run()

Reproduced always

Sharepoint 2013

Troubleshooting Already Performed:
Copying the site to a new DB does not cause any issues.

Severity C
Medium impact because Unable to Export lists

We will consider the case to be resolved and ready to be closed once we are able don't see exception in Export logs as mentioned above or say it is a bug or provide any workaround
Alternatively, we will consider this case resolved if we confirm that the problem is caused by a third-party application or is by-design.
This agreed resolution statement describes the specific conditions where we will close this case. Please let me know if you do not agree with this scope.

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