Sometimes Site Administrator can show such error when you are trying to add one more farm. It means that account that you use to run Site Administrator services does not have Local Administrator permissions on this remote farm host.

For example you run Site Administrator services UTAH\ipsrvadmin and it works for the DEV1 farm - this account has permissions on this farm and he is Local Administrator on it's front-end. And you have another farm - DEV2, but unfortunately your security policy does not allow UTAH\ipsrvadmin account to have permissions on this DEV2. Trying to add this DEV2 farm you will have the Insufficient privileges error. So you can't use this single Site Administrator installation to manage both farms.

If your Site Administrator is installed on the Windows 2003 server you easily can solve this issue using the Stored User Name and Password mechanism.

Pay attention that you have to be logged in as UTAH\ipsrvadmin to do this operation. Fill logon information properties - for example there is UTAH\dev2admin account with credentials on DEV2 farm and Local Administrator permissions on the DEV2 front-end - ogen. Press OK and try to add the farm again. This should help.

Unfortunately this does not work if your Site Administrator is installed on the Windows 2008 server. It looks like Microsoft has changed something. But I can propose another solution. You know that Site Administrator has its own configuration database - QSP_Repository. For example this configuration database is located on the SQL-1 database server. If your security policy allows to grant permissions for this database to UTAH\dev2admin as well as to UTAH\ipsrvadmin then you can install Site Administrator on the ogden front-end using UTAH\dev2admin account. But you have to use existed configuration database on the SQL-1 server.

As the installation completed refresh you first Site Administrator installation Web UI and this second farm will be there.