SharePoint document library URLs are often long and bulky, making it hard to remember which long URL is the document library to which you want to save your email attachment with AttachThis. To shorten them, you may use the Quest AttachThis smart tags. A smart tag is a shortcut for SharePoint document library URL.

To set a new smart tag, perform the following:

  • Open the AttachThis Add-In options dialog box. To do this, either select the gear icon at the top of the AttachThis dialog box that appears when you are sending an email attachment (see screenshot below) or open via File/Tools | Options in your Outlook.
  • In the add-in options dialog box, scroll down the smart tags grid to the last blank item.
  • Double click the blank item and specify smart tag name.
  • After that, specify the corresponding SharePoint document library URL.

If the URL is invalid, the item will be highlighted with the reddish color. Otherwise, the item will be highlighted with bluish color.

You can also change the order in which smart tags are presented and delete smart tags using the smart tag grid controls.

Close the add-in options dialog box by clicking OK.