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Can SA update migrated accounts in SP?

Can SA update migrated accounts in SP?

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Our customer currently has Site Administrator for SharePoint v installed in a SharePoint 2010 farm and has the following question that we cannot find an answer to in our documentation:

Can SA for SharePoint be used to update the user’s account in SharePoint after it was moved in Active Directory from one child domain to another child domain?

Note: Typically this is done using the STSADM migrateuser command or the PowerShell Move-SPUser command, ran on a SharePoint server.

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  • Hi Alessandro,

    If I understand you correctly. I think reassign actions for security management on farms can help customer to do this.

    1. Open the farms report http://hostname:3141/farms_show?search_limit=20.
    2. select the farm which you want to working on.
    3. click Reassign button, then you can see a dialog.
    4. input olddomain\username in Select User To Get Permissions From:, input newdomain\username in Select Users To Grant Permission:
    5. click reassign button, and wait.