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Yearly Usage Trend Analysis for SharePoint 2010 sub sites

Yearly Usage Trend Analysis for SharePoint 2010 sub sites

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Is it possible to use Site Administrator for SharePoint to create visual graphs showing annual (past 12 months)  usage trends for each of the sub sites under a site collection? Which version has this functionality for SharePoint 2010? Thanks.

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  • Hello!

    Unfortunately it's not possible. Only a month period is available.


  • The data is already available in native SharePoint so wondering if Quest can leverage. When I go to a sub site and click Site Actions - Site Analytics and Change settings it allows me to choose the period for the report as shown in the screen shot. Can Quest use this native SharePoint data pull it in the Quest Repository and create nice trend graph for the whole year for each sub site? Thanks for your reply.


  • Yes, you are right. And this would be great feature. A reason why we did not implement this yet is that we try to generalize this report for different SharePoint versions. But you can create a change request for it and we will prioritize and plan it's implementation.

  • Ok, how do I request the change or request new feature? Thanks.

  • I asked my manager about it and he created the CR. It's number is 46982341.

  • Thank you! Would you mind posting updates here please if there is any movement on this CR?

  • Yes, off course I will let you know. But please take into account that we tentatively plan to release other features in the summer. And the scheduling looks pretty tough so I am not sure that we will be able to include this CR into this release.

    Best regards!