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Backup and restore permissions with Recovery Manager

Backup and restore permissions with Recovery Manager

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Is it possible to recover permissions with Recovery Manager for SharePoint?



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  • Dmitry,

    Recovery Manager will restore permissions together with the content, if the object in backup has unique permissions (not inherited from parent). So when you restore a document, or list, or site - permissions will be restored as a part of this.

    Our management product, Site Administrator for SharePoint, includes the Security Explorer module that allows to create a backup of site permissions without the content as well as to restore permissions.

    Also, depending on the scenario and specific needs Deployment Manager for SharePoint may also be applicable. It allows to selectively push changes from Dev to QA to Production environment, and permissions update can be a part of that.

    Hope this helps!


  • Example:

    Admin have changed user permission level from Read to Full Control.

    Is it possible to restore all permissions from last backup, so our user will have Read permission again?

    Or I can do it only with Security Explorer?

  • Hello Dmitry,

    Backup/Restore of permissions can be done with Security Explorer:

    But Securty Explorer is not able to restore permissions if you did not backup them previously.



  • Kate is right, Site Administrator is your tool for that scenario. It will let you discover what exactly the change was (with recent security changes report) and to restore permissions with Security Explorer.