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Site Administrator repository cleanup

Site Administrator repository cleanup

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Site Administrator repository cleanup tools consist of two Python scripts that allow to remove the reporting data from Site Admin's reporting database based on its age or specific to certain accounts that you want to exclude from reporting (such as service accounts). The files in attached archive are:

  • clean.cmd - runs both scripts and contains the input settings
  • - removes of reporting data older than N days in the specified Site Admin repository
  • - removes of reporting data for specified account
  • Python scripting software
  • Readme.txt that explains parameters for the clean.cmd

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  • What versions can these scripts be run against?  We currently have a v4.0.2.1173 instance that needs some serious DB cleanup (470 million records in it from 948 days ago!?)

  • I don't see limitations as we didn't change schema very long time.

    So 4.0 is supported.