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Changing the Width of a Field in qSIListForm

Changing the Width of a Field in qSIListForm

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Hi everyone. I need to change the width of a 'Choice' field in a qSIListForm.

The values of the choice field are YES/NO, so I need to resize the field to 50 px . Anyway, when I put the value  '50'  in the field 'Width' inside the configuration of the Choice field, it has no impact in the form.

I've read in the documentation the next statement:

"NOTE: Some controls, such as the Rich Text Editor, have minimum width and it will not honor the specified width if it is smaller than its minimum width."

Is there a way to do this? Because my form has a lot of YES/NO fields, and it gets bigger and bigger.

Thank you.

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  • Hello,


    That works fine in my lab. Can you provide some screen-shot in qSIListView?



  • Hi Kenny. I'm sending you a screenshot of my qSIListForm.

    For example, I want to put a fixed size between the labels and the checkboxes, because the space between them is really big. When I put '15' in 'Width' for example, it remains the same. Maybe the component has a min value and doesn't get any smaller than that.

    Thank you!

  • Hello,


    I think the width of checkbox fields is working, you can check the source HTML code. I think the issue is the fields before the checkbox fields, because the width of the text is ‘auto’. Can you try to set the width for them?