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People Editor Mask

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Hi, I've a qListForm that displays a People/Group field with the property "Use People Editor" set to true.

The thing is, since I couldn't find a way for it to search ONLY SharePoint Groups, I wanted to place a Mask (since the groups have a certain pattern easy enough to reproduce) in that field, with no results whatsoever.

Filled the prompt and the mask, but can't get it to work. Is there a way to do this? Or set the search scope to SP Groups only or by default?

In plain text fields works just fine, so I guess I'm missing something or it can't be done with this type of field?


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  • Hello,


    qListForm cannot support this case, the People/Group field in SharePoint just can support ‘People Only’ and ‘People and Groups’, that may a good idea to let qListForm support search from groups only.