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Hyperlink rendered when saving in qListForm

Hyperlink rendered when saving in qListForm

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Hello everyone. I've got a problem saving a value in qListForm.

I have a qListForm component with Form type "UploadDocument".  In this form, I have a cross-site lookup field that gets a list of values from a column of another list from the site. Everything works fine, except when I save the form. Instead of having the real value (for example: number 1234), I have a reference to the element ID saved as a hyperlink (for example, http://intranetweb/myapp;#listname;#1255 ).

I don't know why this is happening but I cannot find the root cause. I have to save the value as it appears on the another list.

Does anybody have the same problem?

Thank you!

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  • Hi Fernando,


    The cross-site lookup field is not a native SharePoint field, that is just used for qListForm only. The data format is as design. But if you configure this field for the qListForm as a display filed, you will see this field can be display normally. More detail, you can check the help document.