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Throttling limit using Http parameter

Throttling limit using Http parameter

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I have some CAML in Quick apps but cant figure how to trim it to work with the Throttling limit as it keeps on showing a throttling limit error. Can anyone help?

<Eq>  <FieldRef Name="Payment_x0020_Batch" />  <Value Type="Lookup" Source="HttpParameter" SourceName="BATCHDETAIL" /></Eq>

Thanks Adam

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  • Hi Adam,

    Could you please give me the error message?

    BTW. If you don't care about the performance, you can simply disable the throttling of the relevant SP list to avoid the error. In the following powershell script, replace the values of $siteURL and $listName with your actual site url and list name. Save the script to a *.ps1 file. Then run it on your SharePoint Server.

    Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell

    $siteURL = "http://siteUrl";
    $listName = "listName";

    $spWeb = Get-SPWeb -Identity $siteURL;
    $list = $spWeb.Lists[$listName];
    Write-Host $list.EnableThrottling;

    #Disable the throttling
    $list.EnableThrottling = $false;

    If you want to enable the throttling again, you just need to change the $false to $true.