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List Throttling Limit

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I have a question regarding managing Throttling Limit in using Quick Apps.

I have modified my default view by creating a filtered view based on column indexes. This keeps this filtered view well below our throttling threshold. 

Unfortunately I still get the error showing on the pages on the Quick Apps web parts. Is there something else a should be doing? This using SharePoint 2010. Any advice would be appreciated,

Cheers Adam 

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  • Hi Adam,


    Which web part is throwing the error message? If it is the qListView web part, that is as design. You can turn on the ‘Turn On List Searcher Mode’ in qListView. After that, the items will not be returned until you provide the search criteria.



  • Thanks Kenny for your reply.

    I have found a previous post you responded to. I will follow that and see how i go,

    regards Adam

  • Hi Kenny,

    Sorry i am new to this.

    I have Turned On List Searcher Mode. Where do put my search criteria?


  • Hi Adam,


    you can set some fields in the ‘Searched Fields’ settings. But make sure that the searched fields you set must be indexed.



  • Hi Kenny,

    I basically want it to something like

    Payment Date > [Today]-30

    is that possible?

    Regards Adam

  • Hi Kenny,

     I managed to solve it using a CAML query.

    Your assistance was a great help,