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Help with sessions

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I'm not quite understanding how sessions work so I have chosen a very simply example where I'm passing a session parameter as a HTTP Parameter via a Button attached to qListView

When I set it up as a http parameter it works, The button is called "Move To"

As can be seen the ID of 5 is passed

I then change it to a Session parameter, passing from both parent and child. but nothing gets passed

This is not the function I'm trying to achieve, however this exercise proves that my mistake is in the way I set up the host list in the first place.  Can anyone point to what I'm doing wrong

(note this is a linked list so I'm pointing the table back to itself, I doubt this would effect the ability to pass session information)



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  • Hi Adam,


    I think you cannot pass the session to another page like that. The ‘Set Session Name’ setting is for the ‘LinkTo’, ‘LinkToTarget’ or ‘LinkToSource’ settings, you can configure them in the ‘Display Fields’ setting of the individual field. that means when you click that field, that row of the items will be populated into the session, and in the web parts in the next page(you have set for the the ‘LinkTo’, ‘LinkToTarget’ or ‘LinkToSource’ settings) can consume that session.


    About your case, first of all, I don’t think the URL can carry the ID parameter when you set the ‘Source’ to ‘HttpRequest’, you should set it as ‘ListItem’, that means when you select the item in the qListView, click the custom action, the URL can get the ID value of the item that you selected.


    If you set the ‘Source’ as a ‘Session’, that means the value should already exist in the session, but I cannot find such of this setting in the qListView(click the custom action, populate the value into the session, then navigate to another URL) for my first thought. So why you must use the Session to pass the http parameter? Can you give me more details about your scenario? Maybe I can find another solution for you.



  • Kenny,

    This is not the scenario I was trying to achieve it's just a simple proof of concept, I have no intention of sending the session data by URL.  What I'm trying to achieve is to send session data from the same list twice under two different session names so I can move change the parent node in my linked list.  A bit like moving the a file folder to another folder.  But as of now I can't get any session data to transfer at all so I thought I would try some thing simple.  I find the videos great but I couldn't find anything on this so I don't know what data I'm getting wrong.  Are there any videos that explain this?  I will also do a diagram of what I'm trying to achieve.

    A few quick question,

    Can session data exist over different pages or does it have to be on the one page?

    Can you send the ID selection to a qListForm as a session instead of a URL?

    Thanks for you help

  • Hi Kenny,

    This is the simplest way I could put what I'm trying to do.  I want to move the "Dry Mess" from the "Camp" to "Dams".  So I need two sessions from the same list to edit the one qFormView.   The first for the "Location" and the second for the New "Parent Location".  If I can't do this with sessions then I think I can do it with a temporary list.

    I don't care if it needs to be on the same page or a different page, note that having it on the same page is difficult because I can't get the two lists to have different data.  But as it stands I can't get anything to transfer by session anyway.

    Even if I can't do this with sessions, I want to learn how to use them so I can use them elsewhere.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Adam,


    I think you can achieve that with session if I understand your scenario well. You mean you need to pass two fields to qListForm with session?


    As I said above, you can use the ‘LinkTo’ with the ‘Set Session Name’ settings. For example, you set the ‘Set Session Names’ to ‘MoveFormSession’,

    Then configure one of the field with the ‘LinkTo’ setting, like the ID field, then set the URL to the ‘LinkTo’. That all for the qListView;


    Next is for the qListForm, edit the ‘Location’ field, change the ‘Field Type’ to ‘Consume value form a session’, click ‘New Session’, ‘Name’ -> ‘MoveFormSession’(the same with qListView), Site URL -> [the list URL, you can use ‘.’ If they are under the same site], ‘List Name’ -> [the list you are configured in qListView], ‘Consume Session Display Field Name’ -> ‘Location’, check ‘Allow Edit’; and it is the same settings for the ‘Parent’ field except the ‘Consume Session Display Field Name’.


    Now you click clicke the ID field, and then will navigate to the qListForm page, and the qListForm can consume the session. You may noticed that you just configure one ID field with the ‘LinkTo’ setting in qListView, but the qListForm can consume the other fields. The reason is qListView will populate the whole row of the items(including the fields you don’t configure them as display fields) into the session.


    For more details, you can click the question mark in the top of the ezEdit to get the online help document.


    About your another questions:

    1. Yes, the session can exist over different pages, it is maintained by server side.
    2. I don’t understand your question:” Can you send the ID selection to a qListForm as a session instead of a URL?”



  • Thanks for all your time,  This is what I have but it doesn't give the desired result 

    I'm selecting "5" Camp.  This should the set the parent to 5 also but it stays at 1.

    The idea is that the Parent is being fed the location ID so the two should now be the same. 

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Adam

  • Hi Adam,


    It works in my lab. Try to clear the ‘Reset Session Name’ in both parent and child lists. If you still cannot work, please provide your web part template for me.



  • Hi Kenny,

    I'll do a bit more work but the problem seems to be sending data to the same list.  If I change the Form to a new item then the Parent session data is accepted, but as an edit form it fails.  I will try sending it to a temporary list then post it back to the original list.