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Menus running under List View.

Menus running under List View.

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I have a problem where the Cascading Menu and the Context menus are running under the List Views.  Any ideas why this is happening and what config changes need to be made to the servers.  (The same issue on Chrome IE and Firefox).

Thanks Adam

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  • Hi Adam,


    Which version are you using now? Please try the latest version to take a check.



  • Thanks for the quick reply,  I work for a large multinational and the server belongs to Group Services,  I'm and end point developer so I don't have direct access to the server.   I will confirm tomorrow (Australia everyone has no gone home)  Pretty sure its SP2010 and Quickapps 6.4. 

    If its any help we have another problem which is the date local gets stuffed up.  dd/mm/yyyy gets turned into mm/dd/yyyy by QuickApps ListForm.  I don't know if this will help nail the version. 

    Thanks for your help


  • Hi Adam,


    Could you show me your qListForm settings? Sorry, I am not very clear about your issue, if you can give me an example, that would be very helpful.



  • Kenny,

    I think I found the release notes for the fix.

  • Hi Adam,

    What's the Quick Apps version you currently using? Please give me the version number and the build number in the about dialog of the Quick Apps web part.

    I cannot see your issue on v6.5:



  • Hi Yi,


    Version 6.3 (Build 2014.3.28)