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Adding Custom Toolbar Button

Adding Custom Toolbar Button

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 I need to open a new page sending some parameters and between them the current URL. I already created a Custon Button and added a parameter type GotoURL, but I need send the Source=<current url> to be able to go back the actual item.

Some suggestions ?


Regards Yonny

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  • Hi Yonny,


    Why not just hardcode the Source parameter into the GoToURL setting? can you provide me the more detail about your scenario?



  • hi Henny,

    Let me give u an example.

    I have the following page where I show the Projects items (meetings, taks, announcements) based on the project ID.  


    I added a quest list view for the tasks and then add a custom toolbar buttom for a new task. I defined the URL 


    Added an HttpParameter named SourceID but ...

    I also need send the Source parameter with the current url in the case :



  • Hi there,

    If your original URL has been contain the SourceID parameter, you can set the HttpReauest in the Source in the GoToURL setting, then the GoToURL will contain the SourceID parameter that catch the value form the original URL.

    About the Source parameter, because the URL needs to carry the SourceID parameter, so it cannot be hardcoded in the GoToURL setting, unfortunately, it doesn’t support the parameter configuration in this scenario. I think you could try to write some special script in the target page, for example, if you can hardcode some special parameter in the GoToURL setting: http://sitex/SitePages/Navigation/TaskNewItem.aspx?SourceType=Project&needToSetSource=true&Source= sitex/.../ProjectPortal.aspx, and you also has set the HttpRequest parameter into the GoToURL setting, and now, if you click the GoToURL button, the real URL should be: http://sitex/SitePages/Navigation/TaskNewItem.aspx?SourceType=Project&needToSetSource=true&Source= http://sitex/SitePages/Navigation/ProjectPortal.aspx &SourceID=30 . Then in the target page, write some script to detect the “needToSetSource” parameter, if exist, then construct the ‘Source’ URL to Source= sitex/.../ProjectPortal.aspx SourceID=30. Then reload it.