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From many to one (EN1, EN2, EN3 to EN)

From many to one (EN1, EN2, EN3 to EN)

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I have a list that has multiple offices and sub-offices; is there a way to use qChart to summarize data by the main office. For example: the following table should produce a bar chart with only 3 bars; EN with 70, DT with 22, and XN with 11.

Office  Employees

EN1           30

EN2           40

DT1           10

DT3           12

XN2             9

XN66           2

Does this make sense?

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  • Hi,


    I don’t think qChartView can generate your expected chart by using these data. qChartView can not recognize the EN1 and EN2 is the same data type. my suggestion is you can add an additional column(or set this field as a lookup field), and put the difference parent offices into this column, something like below:


    Office Employees         Category

    EN1           30                   EN              

    EN2           40                  EN

    DT1           10                   DT

    DT3           12                    DT                              

    XN2             9                   XN

    XN66           2                   XN